Our Covid -19 Rapid Action Response 

Canadian Meltblown Fabric

Sefortek has adjusted to the new norms. The focus is to keep our team safe and healthy while providing excellent service to our customers and our community. 

Our company believes that with our know-how and manufacturing capabilities we can support our community by providing critical materials that will keep everyone safe. 

We are now able to distribute 100% Canadian Made Meltblown material for mask making. 

Please  contact us to learn more about our efforts. 

What is Meltblown Fabric?

Meltblown fabric is a material made from Polymers with thermoplastic behavior. These Polymers have excellent wicking and barrier properties, the material is porous allowing flow through it to a certain size of particles. This makes it an ideal material for use in industrial respirators, face masks and microbiological filters.

The material is made with a meltblown method with strict quality standards to ensure consistency and thickness. The meltblown fabric is collected in rolls from the machine for easy of transportation and handling. 


Where is Meltblown Fabric Manufactured?

The major producers of meltblown material are located in Asia and Europe. New production is now in North America, specifically in Ontario Canada.  

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