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Welcome to Sefortek Inc.

We are an automation solutions manufacturer servicing the North American market. 


Our goal is to deliver our clients the best solutions with innovative technology and best quality and service. We will work with our clients from start to finish, developing a customized design and ensuring the appropriate service throughout the life cycle of our products.


We look forward to working with each one of you and developing the right solutions for your company.


​Our products are designed to provide our clients the most cost effective solutions with the most innovative technology and the best quality and service.  


  • Vibratory Feeder Systems

  • Automation Solutions

         1.  Assembly Machines

         2.  Welding Machines

         3.  Robot Cells

  • Fixtures

  • CNC Machining

  • General Machining

To compliment our products we have developed key services that support our clients during the different phases of the project cycle.    


  • Consulting 

  • Project Management

  • Mechanical CAD Design

  • Electrical Design

  • Panel Building 

  • On-Site Support

  • Service Packages

  • Spare Parts & Materials

  • Training Courses



News & Publications

Laser Marking.JPG

Sefortek is using Keyence Laser Marking

Keyence has come out with a new laser marking unit that Sefortek can now implement on it machines. Providing clients some of the highest technology in laser marking.




Ultrasonic Welding 1

Sefortek's welding machine protects painted parts​

Sefortek Inc. has unveiled an ultrasonic welding machine with nests made out of urethane material, with rubber strips to protect painted parts.

The machine has two vision sensors that detect the presence of clips, double-sided tape and clip foam. 

Ultrasonic Welding 2

Ultrasonic welder can be modified for varied applications

Sefortek Inc. (Stoney Creek, ON, Canada) has announced the availability of an ultrasonic welding system for painted parts. Initially designed for an automotive-related task, the machine performs 14 welds, but it can be modified for various applications.



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