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About Sefortek Inc.

Sefortek Inc. was established in 2005 to serve the automotive industry by making injection and blow molds. Through our 18 years in business, the company has evolved into the manufacturing of customized equipment. Our products now consist of automated machines, fixtures and tools. We are specialized in producing Ultrasonic Welding Machines, Hot Plate Welding Machines, Robot Cells and End of Arm Tooling.


The company is now branching into other industries like customer goods, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. These are industries where we know that we can help provide cost-effective solutions to critical challenges. We want to utilize our experience in design, manufacturing, and customer service to bring our automation machines to the next level and provide support to our clients in all different industries.   

Sefortek Warehouse - automated equipmentmanufacturer

Why Sefortek?

Selecting Sefortek as your automation manufacturer would be the best decision you have made to help your company move in the right direction.


We are here to help our clients from automotive, customer goods, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to solve their day to day problems with automation.



If you answer yes to one of the following questions, Sefortek will be able to help you develop a solution.


  • Do you have a repetitive tasks that could be automated?

  • Do you have a task that consistency is critical for success?

  • Do you produce high-quality products that need quality control?

  • Do you have critical cycle times that need to be improved?

  • Do you work in an environment where increasing efficiency gives you your competitive advantage?  



Our company’s main focus is to:


  • Provide automation solutions

  • Provide quality assurance

  • Increase task efficiency


Interested in hearing more? We would be happy to speak with you further. Feel free to contact us.    

Mission Statement

To provide our clients the most cost effective solutions with the most innovative technology and the best quality and service.


We are guided by shared values that we will live by as a company and as individuals.

Leadership: “Lead by example to create a better world"

Collaboration: “Teamwork makes the dream work"


Innovation: “Seek, imagine, create, delight "


Quality: “All products meet our high standards"


Honesty: “Transparent, straightforward and genuine with all stakeholders"



Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of experienced and professional individuals. Our Board Members strive to make decisions that will move our company's vision and mission forward while ensuring phenomenal customer service is provided and high-quality products are produced.

Our Board of Directors consists of:

  • Engineers

  • Chartered Accountants

  • MBA Professionals

  • Taxation Specialists

Certifications and Associations

Our Major Suppliers
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