Sefortek has combined its skills of manufacturing fixtures and machines with top engineering to manufacture state of the art automation equipment. Similar to fixtures we design and manufacture mechanical parts that are now controlled by a PLC’s and electrical sensors to exercise an automatic function. Our automated machines can do repeatable tasks, collect critical data, perform quality control and increase overall efficiency to help our clients reach their goals.
Below you can find the type of automation equipment that we produce:
1. Assembly Machines
2. Welding Machines
3. Robot Cells

Assembly Machines

Automatic Wetout Machine

Carpet Wrap Machine

Damper Assembly Fixture

DT Running Board Assembly Fixture

Automatic Stapler and Wetout Fixture

Welding Machines

Ultrasonic Welder

Hot Plate Welder

Safety and Guarding Systems

Equipment Guarding

Light Curtains

Steps & Platforms

Robot Cells

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