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Sefortek is specialized in various types of manufacturing fixtures. Using our highly accurate tooling and CNC equipment we can deliver very precise fixtures to our clients. Our designs are made to be ergonomic for the operators and very easy to use.

Working with a variety of clients, we are able to customize all of our products to fit our clients' needs and deliver innovative ideas to control quality, increase efficiency, and improve profitability.

Our company produces the following custom machines and fixtures:

Checking Fixtures

Checking Fixture #1
Checking Fixture #2
Checking Fixture #3

Assembly Fixtures

Assembly Fixture #1
Assembly Fixture #3
Assembly Fixture #2

Finishing Fixtures

Finishing Fixture #1
Finishing Fixture #2
Finishing Fixture #3

Testing Fixtures

Testing Fixture #1
Testing Fixture #2
Testing Fixture #3
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